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I’m a terrorist…


The name’s Nuthead, and no, I am not a nuthead. It’s a very affectionate name, Nuthead, so make fun of it and die. Painfully. By castration. My (t)rusty scalpel is very…*ahem* (t)rusty. *smirk*.

Now, let’s get one thing straight here. I am the disciplinarian on this here place, meaning I am the sanest. The other retards who will write on this will disagree for some reason (but ignore them. They are retards) but deep down inside those black, black holes they call souls, they know who runs this bitch. Nuthead. They are already shitting themselves as they read this post, because they know. I’m watching them. (not stalking, watching. Get the difference.)

By the way, I was listening to Whip my hair by Willow Smith, and it’s a pretty catchy song. Granted, it was sung by a nine year old (apparently she turned ten juzi, juzi) but it is not too shabby. If I was into pop, I’d recommend it. But yes, it’s a not too shabby song. Yes. Not too shabby song.

Moving on, I’ve decided I’m gonna support terrorism. Terrorists are cool. I mean, look at Osama. He’s awesome, ne? Akina Bush and Clinton proabli had nightmares every other night when they would think Al Quaeda would fika and bomb them to hell and beyond. And I also don’t like Americans. In fact in one of my classes, there’s an American who made me hate them even more. He comes from some town in Massacheausets, or whatever that ka-state is called. It’s got a very Brit name, Lancanster or something mundane like that.

So anyway, this dude is your typical Anglo-Saxon, East Coast American, arrogant as hell, snotty-nosed, rich-ass, know it all who comes form Columbus or Colombo or Yale or Havard or whatever snotty-nosed, rich-ass, Ivy League Uni. We were doing terrorism and how it has influnced law, and my lecturer (who isn’t the biggest fan of the US) ended up asking whether US really was waging a war on terrorism or they were just looking for an excuse to control the oil in the Middle East.

Well, you can guess what happened next.

Apparently I’m aggressive. I won’t deny. That I am, and I can tell you I very aggressively (and loudly) declared that the US were bieng bastards as usual and poking their noses in everyones business and tryna cause havoc in the world coz they are super powers and no one can tell them shit.

Believe me, I said exactly that, “the US were bieng bastards as usual and poking their noses in everyones business and tryna cause havoc in the world coz they are super powers and no one can tell them shit”. The looks of shock on everyone’s face (and smug satisfaction on mine) were priceless. I’d have a taken a pic if I had a camera.

Eventually, it turned out to be an argument, which Anti-Us won (mostly coz of my loudness). I’m sure that maafucker hates me with everything he’s got, and I won’t be shocked if I turn up on the US fed most wanted list as a terrorist sympathiser.

After all, I could always say he was racist, and get off scot free!!!!

So yes, beware, I am a terrorist…be warned, and afraid. Very, very afraid.


One response

  1. Aggrey

    Ati disciplinarian? That’s hilarious. The closest thing to a job description that you have is damage control. All you do is try to assure the readers of our sanity while the rest of us asylum inmates continue to run the mad house.

    November 4, 2010 at 8:21 am

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