We don't bite…unless you're into that sort of thing

The sanest author you’ll find on this blog (Me!)

Hi I’m  Fred…..I believe in aliens and George Bush is a hero…I spend most of my life hunched over my keyboard playing starcraft and nomming on junk food…..I despise sunlight….thus having blinds permanently drawn across my bedroom windows….I’m also quite random…

Being too lazy to frequently update my own blog, I quickly jumped on the opportunity to actually do it on someone else’s blog……specifically Gachagua’s and Angel’s communal blog (I call it a communal cesspit of tepid minds coz that’s what it actually is).

Having someone else upload my scribbled rot onto their own decaying plot of cyber real estate is quite a God-send for this sloth really….I don’t have to keep up a certain frequency of posts to keep my blog relevant and since we are talking about teaming up with these crass minded individuals who are used to spewing forth multiple posts of sensible nonsense at an alarming daily rate, my biggest problem is essentially eliminated…..as if it were zapped by a muthaf**kin Death Star..(I like star wars…not really, but Darth Vader is badass….and Yoda…..and Han Solo…..oh and Chewbacca ! Arghh! To hell, I love Star Wars…..)

So I guess for this first entry, I’ll have to talk about my most favourite person in the world…..me. Generally I can describe myself as a geek and a red blooded man (what Nuthead likes to call a perv but it’s not really…trust me!….no really …it’s not). I like video games, anime, manga and comics…. Marvel rules! …..but Batman is cool….of course I think he ended up at the wrong publisher stable…..I think superman is a wuss…..the last movie kinda pointed that out in a blatantly obvious way…..Not like Iron man…Tony Stark  may be an asshole….but in a likable way….I want an Iron man costume…err….Sorry! Enuff bout comics…I tend to go all A.D.D when I’m writing stuff…that shows my laziness is about to kick in…I hope this half hearted attempt at ‘’satirical’’ writing gets me in….at least I know Rigathi will probably accept this….if only cos of that neat  little star wars reference up there…. 😉

*Death Stars are fricking awesome. (insert random death star photo here…..wait i can do it for you…..)



2 responses

  1. njoki

    why you no have other posts??? ;-(

    October 31, 2011 at 11:51 am

    • I swear this comment will make me start posting again. 🙂

      January 13, 2012 at 11:48 pm

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