We don't bite…unless you're into that sort of thing

I’m not violent. I simply prefer aggression and threats to get my point across. :-D

Word spreads. Fast.

Apparently, I’m violent. Whenever anyone asks anyone else about Nuthead, the other guy will automatically say “loud.” They’ll be a random silence kidogo, then an “and?” The other person will nyamaza for a bit, as if to think. Then, “violent.”

Now I’m not gonna deny some of these adjectives used to describe me. I’m loud. Even I know that. That, though, is a result of genetics. My dad is loud. My grandfather was loud. My grandmother is loud. My siblings are loud. Bieng loud is fun. If you can’t win an argument, simply outshout whoever you’re arguing with. That storo will die.

I’m aggressive. In fact, I’m apparently so aggressive, my aggression can be felt from the interwebs. That’s Kevo’s aka Gachagua’s analysis. Considering he’s one of the retarded writers of this blog, his analysis is, undoubtedly, questionable. Well, I have my seasons. I should say I’m selectively aggressive. It’s those kinda defense mechanisms that’s subconciously activated all the time, and they come out in random, sporadic bursts that even I donno when I’m gonna grab you by the collar and shake you like a rag doll before promptly throwing you into the nearest wall, brick or otherwise.

I’ll agree to those two, the former because it’s genetic and the latter because it’s just a part of me. There’s nothing me or anyone else can do about it, really.

I am NOT violent, though. Many of my friends, particularly those with a Y-chromosome will vehemently disagree. Ignore them. I will admit, though, that relative to everyone else, I have the potential of bieng violent, what with my aggressive and loud nature. Just because I threaten to inflict grievious bodily harm upon your physique does not mean I’m violent. They are threats. According to dictionary.com, a threat is a declaration of an intention or determination to inflict punishment, injury, etc., in retaliation for, or conditionally upon, some action or course. It’s a decalration. All I did was say it. There’s a chance that I will or won’t do it. The probability of it happening depends on my mood and the importance of the reason of the threat.

Now, the whole point of this blog is because a few of these authors of this blog and other individuals are supposed to be at the JKIA international arrivals section on Monday 22nd November 2010 at 2:20pm to pick me up, or at least yell back “OKAERI, BITCH” when I yell “TADAIMA BIYOCHEZ”.

Now, I promised to raise hell fire when these guys did not turn up to worship the ground I and my folks walk on, and for that reason they claim I am violent. (Disregard the fact that said hell fire I would raise would be a hard and painful gentle punch on the back and a painfully loud yelling, including cursewords and other insults gentle inquiry as to why they did not turn up).

Can you these lies and slander people are saying about me?! All because of a rough demand polite request to come get me from the airport. I mean, just look at my nice, sweet picture. Do I look like I can hurt anything?! Don’t I just look so adorably sweet? (Say no, and I am gauranteeing you a slow, sadistic and painful death).

*smiles politely*

Now, ya’ll will turn up at the airport, ne? Good boys and girls. *smiles sweetly*

Tutaonana monday next week. Bye bye children. Mjichunge.


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