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The Estrogen Pool Now Open

Well well, I wonder how many of you readers live in a house with FIVE other women. No, seriously. I’m talking swimming I estrogen here!! Not to be all Lars von Tier Antichrist-ey but jeebus, women can be soooo… rrrgh!!

My days usually start with a healthy dosage of gossip, which is administered 2xevery hour and a ton of nagging on the side!! You see, I think of myself as a pretty simple human. Give me my computer rig or a good book or my iPod and I’m as good as not there! But noooo, apparently, minding your own business is a crime!! The other day I had 3 damn full grown mamaz sitting just in the next room talking about me as if I couldn’t hear them!! It’s not like I was traipsing around in the nude or making out with the watchman on the couch, no, I was just tweeting along to me ardent readers (wuv joo :*)! And they spent a whole 30 minutes analyzing how I was a social misfit and I would never get a boyfriend. Hnh, stuck one up to yuh didn’t I??

However, being gossiped and nagged isn’t really a problem for me. No, shutting down and ignoring such behavior is easier than pakaing lipbalm. But if there’s one thing I cannot STAND it’s people who do things just for the sake of irking you. No seriously spiteful women… spiteful PEOPLE are even worse than the most of the ignorant stupids of the world! Is doing something you know displeases me going to mean so much to you? Does it give you gratification to offend me?? Well, I’m sorry if you won’t get the reaction you want because honestly, such tabiaz aren’t even worth my time or attention. people acting like damn idiots!!

Anyway, I woke up in the middle of the night to write this up after realizing my mother threw my dear cat out of the window. In the rain! Ach,


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