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Why I am home-schooling my kid(s)


While the following may raise questions about mental capacity. I refuse to acknowledge that the child is to blame. She is intelligent. I know this because we are related.

Moving on…

Yesterday, there took place a couple of events that seriously made me question our education system. Am I roight, am I roight? Judge for yourself… :DD

So my aunt picked my brother and I from school yesterday. It’s usually a routine thing: pick us, pick her seven year old daughter from her school then pick her older sister from her school. So after she picked us, we went to the little girl’s school. As she was getting into the car, we saw two sweet little pointi kids trying to escape from the playground into the parking through the fence. Because they were so plotless, they were obviously busted (something my aunt took great joy in) and the following conversation ensued:

Aunt: Jay, who are those girls?

Jay: They’re new in school. And they speak British!

Aunt and I: They speak WHAT???

Jay: British!

Me: British????

Jay: *nods violently*

Aunt: Tebu speak to us in British

Jay: I can’t…

Jay: I don’t know!

Aunt: Even just one word?

Jay: Muuum, I don’t know! Me my teacher just told me that they speak British!

I should be worried, neh?

As if this wasn’t enough, when we went to pick her sister, we had to wait for a few minutes for her. And so Jay rises in her seat aaand:

Jay: Muuum, is Em here? I mean, is she here in school today?

Aunt: No, Jay. I just decided that since we come here and park everyday and wait for her, today shouldn’t be any different, si ndio?

Jay: Mmmmm


So is Em in school today?

Me: *chokes on the mouthful of water I had just taken*

Now, if the first conversation had NOT taken place, I might, just MIGHT have decided that Jay was having a slow day. But seriously???? O.o What are they teaching in schools these days??

In other, somewhat related, news:

American guy: Oh my gosh, you’re from England??! Do you, like, have tea with the queen?!

British guy: Well, you’re American! Do you, like, go to McDonalds with Obama??! -_-

Well, you can’t always blame the education system for stupidity minimal intelligence.


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  1. lol…OWWWWWWNEDDDDD!!! 😀

    March 2, 2011 at 9:34 am

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