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Interview with a villain

The Do not feed the bloggers crew, as you’ve probably noticed, is composed of highly esteemed journalists with high ethical standards. If there was any doubt of our credibility before, im here to put those doubts to rest with this exclusive interview. Never before asked questions answered by Kenya’s most notorious resident villain.

You all know him by many names, and remember the numerous suffering he’s caused us all. For the first time on camera and print, the super villain, bringer of darkness, enemy of light, KPLC

Hi K, can I call you K? Good. Where to start….firstly, I’m sure the public is curious to know, how did you become the menace you are today

(laughs) that’s a simple one. See I realized early on that I had no skill or talent to speak of. In fact, my only ability was in the art of frustrating others. This left me with two choices….either go into government, or this.
And also, I like darkness.

You like darkness?

Yes. Darkness is the fastest thing ever. No matter how fast light thinks it is, the smug bastard, it always finds darkness already there, nice and cozy. its about time someone fought for darkness. Kicking Darkness out all the time, this is obviously the world’s greatest and most ignored racial battle.

That as it may be, a lot of people don’t like what you do.

I disagree. Everyone talks about the good old days. Even 18 year olds are on that crap. “Back then”…”in my day”…”when I was a kid”. Since everyone is saying it, and they’ve been saying it for centuries, logic states that taking you all back to the stone age is a slice of paradise.

Im sure that’s not what they meant.

Hey, I can only give so much appreciate the little I do. i didn’t even take away your “spark of gratitude” eh?… can we cut that last part out?



Back to your choice, why didn’t you go into government. I assume it pays more?

Are you kidding? Have you turned your TV on recently?

No actually, you’ve made that a little bit of a difficult task.

Oh…well, if you do you’ll see some of these politicians struggling to maintain a room temperature IQ. No thank you. I’m a little bit to bright for that profession. Why are you looking at me like that….oh…pun unintended, can we cu….



Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

Blacking out the entire worldcup experience. Oh what fun thatll be

And so do you have a parting shot?

Why yes I do….here it is. (Power cut)

[Expletive deleted]

On an unrelated note, all who asked me to put it here, heres the link Sleepless Society freestyle


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  1. lol…”Can we cut this part out?”

    March 17, 2011 at 10:57 am

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