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For the kids

I think its no secret that this generations children are unflinchingly and frighteningly stupid! “Goodness” i hear some of you cry, “you’re not going to attack the children are you?” Yes i am! In the past even if a child wasn’t the sharpest knife in the serial killers bag, they were at least entertaining. Getting up to no good and doing things that kept us all amused like getting their head stuck between rails. They were walking stories. Now, there’s no story to be had from a child spending 14 plus hrs on an ipod and on facebook. If the child is going to be so unfortunate as to be a little dim i expect to get a few bloody laughs from the whole situation. No such luck. How unfortunate this is for society, not only are our children getting dimmer, they’re also boring. That, my friends, is too much to just take lying down.

See, we were smarter because of one underlying difference. We didn’t have ipods, phones, the internet and a bunch of other stuff. Which means we had to actually try to have fun. It required us to be startlingly creative. Our range of things to have fun with was so drab that we had such a blast is an ode to our vast intelligence. Our pastimes as little kids included such cutting edge playthings like dirt, the ever versatile stick and smuggled chalk from class. Sure later on we had marbles, skipping ropes et cetera et cetera but early on you dealt with a few toys and a whole lot of mother nature. These kids don’t understand the mystery of “pg-13” movies and having the kindergarten hustler who had a couple of them at the price of your school lunch to try see what all the fuss was about. They never had to make ridiculous boasts they didnt understand to their astonished peers of the likes of “yes, last night, i had a big sex” *insert multiple little gasps here*

I, your humble and ever helpful blogger, have a solution. To help this generation recover the creativity it has lost. i present, “The Milk Test”

The milk test is a simple measure that may just save our future. There’s not much to it. You take a kid, preferably to some rural area, and present to the child…a cow.You point to the cow and tell the child they can have lunch as soon as they get some milk from the damn thing. Now this is the genius part, you hand the child a set of tools to do this. The first few should be useful to the task, a pail, a milking stool….the usual stuff. The next set is there to throw them off, an ipod, a phone and something else irrelevant, be creative. The last group of tools is designed to totally confuse the young mind. a pair of shears, an axe, matches and a stick of dynamite.

I have taken it upon myself to document the expected result in ascending order of performance.

1. Youll end up with a cow that has learned to make some sort of response, to Drake or Nikki Minaj, from the ipod. Not a total loss, itll entertain someone on youtube at best. No milk though. Grade – F

2. Your child will injure themselves. Harmed by a cow. Injury by the axe. Dynamite burns etc. hospital bills, possible law suit…but your child is fairly competent. Be proud. Grade – E

3. The cow will be injured. At least the child was smart enough not to get hurt. Grade- D-

4. The child will call someone, probably one of their friends, get some instructions and proceed to make a mess of things. Resourceful. Grade- D

5. The child will call someone who knows something, an Uncle or Aunt and proceed with the expertise of a civilian diffusing a complex bomb while someone is yelling instructions at them from 20 floors below. Slightly better results Grade- D+

6. If anything is the mark of this generation, it’s Google. Another mark of course, is messing up googled instructions. Grade- C-

7. The child may shave the cow with the shears to teach you a lesson. Acceptable. Sticking it to authority is a useful life skill. Grade- C

8. The child may reason “i want milk… the milk is in the cow…i have an axe.” This is wrong, but points awarded for the use of logical steps, or steps at any rate Grade- C+

9. Manages to accomplish the task. Gets milk. Grade- B-

10. Bribes someone with the extra phone given as a tool to do task for them. Devious Grade- B

11. Child is a genius, manages to make cow automatically “give” milk in response to certain songs. Grade- B+

12. Child milks cow and through yet undocumented use of dynamite manages to make a healthy helping of charred beef for lunch Grade- A-

13. *See step 12* and also uses axe to cut beef into steaks. Grade- A

But wait…how will this teach them anything. I admit, it probably wont. But we will all be highly entertained, and that, my good friends, is what truly matters.


4 responses

  1. Erm… “I had a big sex”??? Hm. This explains so much. Now we know why you turned out… the way you did.

    June 20, 2011 at 7:13 pm

  2. This is sooo true lol. love it! and don’t let Angel bully you,…”i had a big sex” is classic reminiscence

    June 21, 2011 at 5:03 am

  3. gachagua

    Haha. It was a popular boast back then

    June 21, 2011 at 11:16 am

  4. I had big sex last night?


    June 27, 2011 at 1:06 pm

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