We don't bite…unless you're into that sort of thing

Android, Apple and Alcohol. (perhaps Weed can be thrown in too, just for good measure)

Truth be told, I’m not the most technologically savvy person in the world. In fact, I think I’m pretty much hopeless at it, but hanging around geeks and nerds all the time has given me enough vague knowledge to know when it’s a very minor issue, things could be worse, I should start panicking, or if I’m totally fucked.

Hormonal issues, coupled with exam stress, brokeness, hopelessness of knowing there’s a very high probability we’re all gonna fail aforementioned exams and one (or ten) too many lost, broken and/or scratched game CDs somehow managed to twist itself into an Android v Apple debate. Matters were not helped that all of us were drunk and some were stoned as well as drunk. The concluding slurred line of ” Jobzzzzzzz gonna raizzzz from his graaaaa- and, and, and kick you in the bawwwwlls with your SamSony capsule, aaaahowl” by Minerva to Francis did not help matters in the least.

I really love my friends, more so when they are intoxicated.

Nonetheless, I did my research, and though I have my own petty reasons for hating apple (they are a capitalist, cult-like group of wannabes who think they are socially acceptable and technologically savvy) I must admit that their products are damn good. They know their market and they exploit and milk them like the fat-ass cows we see in the European Alps.

Many of the idiots I chose to associate myself with (they prefer the term “friends”) are Apple fan(atic)s. They have apple everything, from the PC, laptop, phone, tablet, tv, mini, any other thing Jobs’ memory demands the poor overworked, underpaid, slave-driven Asians to create, my boyfriend being one of them. Honestly speaking, I don’t see the big deal. Apple, like weed, sex and boobs is overrated. *waiting for the cult-members to start screaming*

Apple is not open sourced, very rigid, expensive, overrated, and almost not customizable. It’s their way of the highway, mother*bleep*er. If you don’t like the way the app(s) work, you can soak your opinion in vinegar and  shove it up your ass. their software is very likely to almost totally destroy your poor, unsuspecting PC. I should know, considering the number of times I’ve had to format my laptop coz of bloody iTunes.

Android, on the other hand, is what Apple will never be and more. The freedom they give us, the versatility and the all out epicness is what, me thinks, makes it better than Apple.

Anyway, I’m hangied, so lemme go back to gaming, and maybe, just maybe catch up with those crim notes.


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