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Suddenly, Adulthood!

My whole life has been defined by the fact that I do as little as I can get away with. Laziness describes every aspect of my life, from skirt-chasing to personal hygiene. I never studied in primary school, gave it a try in high school and promptly gave up on that in uni. If I can get by with being average, I will.

Now I have duties and responsibilities I have to meet with this whole job thing I have to bear and it fucking sucks! And what sucks more is that I have no problem meeting them and I actually look forward to being challenged even more. THA HELL!?

My mind is ready to self-destruct. Who the hell am I and who is directing this meat sack of a body I’m supposedly pilot of? I should be swamped with half-done and deferred work. I should be a sneeze away from multiple crises and blowing my brains out from the pressure. I shouldn’t be quick to get things done and mad that someone else isn’t promptly answering my emails.

Instead I’m ready to actually work.

Goddammit! I think I’m becoming an adult.


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