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A Nut Of Rebellion

The lesson of the day is that even jerking off can be a chore. A long day is enough to screw the motivation out of a body, even for the more enjoyable activities.

Just the thought of having to go to a porn tube site, going through 50 videos with a raging boner just to find the video with right camera angles and performers who know how to shut up, do a quick five knuckle shuffle then spend another 5min cleaning up just makes it easier to say no, and go to bed.

This is a reality that I really would have been happy never having to confront it. I like to think I have libido that can be called into action at the drop of a hat. This foreshadowing of what old age looks like is very unwelcome. I’m not a fan of the thought of Viagra and Cialis being a certainty in my future.

Maybe I should just do it anyway. In defiance. A nut of rebellion, shouting out that I will not cum quietly in the night, but that I will go out grabbing my cock with a full fist, and pumping it like a shotgun and blasting like Arnold Schwarzenegger right in the face of the T-1000!

Yeah, I think I’ll do that instead. Then go to bed.


One response

  1. *shakes head solemnly*

    February 27, 2013 at 6:31 am

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